Who Are We?

We are a fiercely creative bunch…

who eat deadlines for breakfast.

Innovative and energized, because our sense of wonder hasn’t left us. We are ambitious achievers, storytellers and thinkers. For your brands power of potential, we are its believers. We are a bridge to your brand, responsive and reflective. Stylistic and spontaneous, injecting passion into your creative. We collaborate with curiosity, building a dialogue with your brand. Fulfilling and engaging, we are more than a one night stand. Who are we? We’re the secret weapon you’ll have up your sleeve. Armed with supercharged creative, all you have to do now, is believe.


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Our core values are at the heart of everything we do.

They define who we are, what we do, how we do it and what we believe we stand for.
They are clients, work and culture.

We are committed to our clients.

Through building trust and respect, our clients know us to be dependable, authentic, approachable and positive in all we do.


We are problem solvers.

Teamwork and motivation sparks our creativity. We see and produce opportunities for brands.


We are dedicated.

Our inquisitive and enthusiastic process keeps us hungry for more. Our approach is team based whilst being laced with wonder and appreciation. Sprinkle in a sense of fun, playfulness, a little neurosis here and there and the result is what makes our DNA.

Meet the Team

Creative Director

David Devey

Dave. Our own master of magics, wizard all knowing and wise. Founder of Energize Design and Creative Director, Dave’s sorcery is a potent potion of creativity, resourcefulness and imagination. Bestowed with insight, possessed with passion, Dave is totally absorbed by the design process. Between sunrise and sundown Dave also manages key accounts and production. Fascinated with the fact and fiction of brand strategy, Dave is ready to share his magical recipe for your brand.





Laura Worthington


Karin Porter

If our team was on the field, Karin would be the coach — guiding and demanding the best from everyone. If there was a competition for admin management skills, Karin would win hands down. Her career has spanned the music industry, advertising arena and the financial management of some of the South East’s most rapidly growing businesses. She delivers results, in style! It’s what gives her that magnetic edge. We call it the K Factor.




Payroll & Accounts

Rebecca Devey

Rebecca is the sweet to your sour, the sunshine to your rain, the antidote for all admin pain. So organised it should be a crime, she’s got the to-do lists on the run. Third sign of the zodiac, this gemini makes light work of the trickiest task. If you want it done right, whilst being oh so polite, she’s the one for your brand. With patience for all, where no job is too small, your wish is her command.


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